Uganda Kisinga 250g


Roast: Espresso
Source: Bell Lane Farm Direct
Altitude: 1600 - 2000 masl 
 SL-14, SL-28, Heirlooms
Process: Natural
Cup Notes: Tropical, Blueberry Strawberry


The Rwenzori Mountain region has a long coffee tradition. While farmers traditionally sell parchment and kibokos (dried cherries), more and more choose to sell their freshly picked red cherries to washing stations.  Kisinga Coffee Station was built in 2015 with one
purpose: to support farmers in improving their yields, their profits and subsequently their living conditions.  Many coffee farmers live high up on the slopes of the Rwenzori mountain range, which culminates at more than 5,000 masl. The higher the coffee grows, the more slowly it matures, and the more complex the cup profiles are. To access the farms situated up the mountains off the beaten tracks, Agri Evolve has invested in donkeys that collect the ripe cherries of the farms located in remote areas. The cherries are kept separate and assembled in “Donkey Lots”, which celebrates the uniqueness and exclusivity of the coffee cherries.


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