Brazil - Heron Reger De Carvalho Jr

Heron Reger De Carvalho Junior grew up around coffee and always enjoyed it, but only became a full-time farmer a few years ago when his father passed away.  Canta Galo is a family farm located in Campos Altos, in the West of Minas Gerais. Campos Altos is not yet a certified coffee region like the Cerrado, but it has a very particular terroir and micro-climates. Here, maturation of the cherries and drying is slow as the farm receives direct sunlight only until 3:30 pm during harvest time, prolonging the drying period.

This lot took 5th place in the Best of Brazil competition that was organised by Algrano. There were 53 lots submitted to the competition.
For us, Heron’s lot was outstanding.

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