Ethiopia - Chelbesa Organic Double Release!

Two similar coffees from Gedeb Halo Beriti washing station in Gedeb near Yirgacheffe, but different post harvesting processes. The first a Natural dried on raised beds & the second is a Washed process coffee, pulped using Penagos eco-pulpers and dried on raised beds.

So, how do these two processing methods affect your cup of coffee? Well, the natural processed coffee will taste fruitier and have a heavier body as the drying coffee bean absorbed some of the sugars from the surrounding fruit. In contrast, the washed coffee will not have the heavier fruit flavour but will have a cleaner mouthfeel, brighter with higher acidity and more of a “coffee” taste. 

But there is only way one to find out & that's by adding one each to your bag and let us know what you think!

Ethiopia - Chelbesa Organic Natural Grade 1 - Lot 639

Ethiopia - Chelbesa Organic Washed Grade 1 - Lot 414

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