*Limited Edition*

COLOMBIA - Diego Samuel Bermudez

We have been patiently waiting to introduce you to something very special.  Our latest coffee is produced by a farmer who is incredibly innovative, dynamic, and never afraid to push the boundaries in his drive to achieve the absolute best in high quality coffee. 

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Coffee Journal

Bell Lane filter coffee

Why filter coffee?

Before automation in the coffee industry and the invention of the beloved espresso machine, filter coffee was the norm. The use of a filter has bee...

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We work with only the very best producers

To provide you with the best coffee possible, we form close connections with dedicated farmers and exporters. We source, and then roast outstanding, sustainable coffees for you to enjoy.

Dedicated to making Supreme Speciality Coffee

Taking carefully-chosen green beans, we use our expertise to release the flavours, illustrating their origins – ultimately giving you a cup of coffee overflowing with taste, character, and vitality.

Taste the Adventure

Only the best coffee makes it out of Bell Lane. Farmed and sourced, prepared and roasted, poured and loved.

We work hard to create a range of coffee that evolves throughout the year to reflect the varying growing and harvesting seasons around the world – and deliver this directly to you all over Ireland, and beyond.