El Salvador - Finca San Jose

Fresh Coffee Drop! "Jelly Sweets, Papaya, Melon"

San Jose was bought from the Ruffatti Family in 2015, one of El Salvador’s foundational coffee farming families. This farm holds 14 hectares of virgin forest and 56 hectares dedicated to coffee. Since it was acquired, Federico Pacas Lopez has worked to slowly renovate the farm to increase the farm’s potential for specialty coffee and produce higher yields.

The Pacas Varietal: A Family Legacy

In 1958, our ancestor Fernando Alberto Pacas Figueroa noticed an unusual shrub growing among bourbon coffee trees in Finca San Rafael. After consulting with friends and a thorough investigation in the University of Florida, it was determined that this was a natural mutation from bourbon coffee trees, resulting in a new coffee varietal. Nowadays, the Pacas varietal is most known for its cross with the Maragogype varietal, called Pacamara.

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Recently I was asked by a fellow roaster how do I use colour tracker in the roastery and how important is it to have one to achieve consistency? ❌ ...

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