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ideal for: filter

1450 - 1600 masl
red bourbon 
anoxic natural

notes of raspberry, blackberry, ganache





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Rugali has become an impactful example of a successful washing station for the specialty coffee market. In just a few years, this station produced coffees that have been used in competitions worldwide and put the Nyamasheke District on the map for high-quality processed Rwandan coffees.

When the cherries are received they are hand-picked and floated to select the highest quality for processing. These chosen cherries enter a sanitised fermentation tank, covered with a sheet and submerged in cool water. The water pressing against the sheet creates a vacuum, initiating a 48-hour fermentation in an anoxic environment. This process, aided by the water's heat exchange, maintains a stable temperature of around 25°C to prevent over-fermentation. If the temperature drops, hot water is added for warmth. After fermentation, the water is drained, and the cherries rinsed. Next, the coffee dries in the cherry on raised beds for 4 to 5 weeks, ensuring optimal airflow by turning every 30 minutes.

While we mostly like to drink washed coffees, once in a while a natural process is just too good to ignore. This anoxic natural processed coffee from Rwanda is a perfect example of how this area is blossoming into a top-tier coffee region.

What you can expect from this cup is a fruit bomb of raspberries and blackberries with a velvety body. While this coffee is fermented in an anoxic environment it carries these traits without being too imposing, making for easy drinking and a beautiful complimentary coffee to add to the collection.