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nestor & adrian lasso

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finca el diviso
1850 masl
sidra bourbon 
semi washed

notes of jasmine, vanilla and peach 





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Coffee cherries are picked at full ripeness. A 12-hour oxidation process is then carried out at an average temperature of 25°C. After fermentation for 60 hours in plastic bags, the cherries are transferred to pulping hoppers and oxidized for 18 hours. The pulp is then pulped and oxidized with muscilage and leachate from the cherries. In the final step, the muscilage needs to be washed, but not completely removed. It takes approximately 20 days for the cherries to dry on a marquee.

Finca El Diviso is located in Bruselas-Pitalito within the South Huila region and strives to enhance quality through innovative methods. In addition to experimenting with a wide range of processes, fermentations, and microbes, the Lasso family is dedicated to developing unique and globally recognised coffee profiles.