nestor & adrian lasso - bourbon aji


 ideal for: filter

finca el diviso
1850 masl
bourbon aji

notes of lime, orange and juicy

Ají refers to the spice flavours found in coffee mucilage. The coffee originated from an Ethiopian Landrace, a genetic group of Arabica coffees native to Ethiopia.

Picked cherries are washed in hypochlorite to remove impurities and oxidized for 24 hours to enhance their sweetness. A controlled fermentation process follows the de-pulping of the cherries. The leachates released by the coffee cherry in the first phase of processing are added to the coffee. Rapid drying preserves coffee seeds' flavours by sealing their pores. A homogeneous drying process follows, maintaining the fermentation-developed characteristics. Plastic bags hold the stabilised coffee for two weeks.

Finca El Diviso is located in Bruselas-Pitalito within the South Huila region and strives to enhance quality through innovative methods. In addition to experimenting with a wide range of processes, fermentations, and microbes, the Lasso family is dedicated to developing unique and globally recognised coffee profiles.


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