Moondust Seasonal Espresso Blend


Moondust is our take on traditional espresso. It is in no way dark but we use seasonal origins to bring up a lot of body for those who are looking for a strong cup.

Blend: Guatemala /LosArroyos/ 54%

           Colombia / Bernardo Echeverry / 46%

Process: Washed

Cup Notes: A well-balanced espresso with notes of milk chocolate, brownies and apple pie.


Los Arroyos farm can be found in the rugged terrain of the La Libertad region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The 50 hectares of sloping fields can require careful cultivation and logistics, spanning 1400–1800 meters above sea level. Felipe Venenciano Martinez Lopez and his three sons operate the farm and oversee production, growing Caturra, Catuai, and Pache varieties. Ally Coffee has been working with Los Arroyos for years, beginning with them contributing to our Ceiba Core Coffee. We’re very excited to be bringing this coffee from Felipe and his sons on as a single farm offering.   The farm has four wet mills in the fields that act as satellites for the central mill and drying patio. Here at these mills, coffee is pulped and fermented before being moved down the slopes for drying. Using these satellites has several benefits; the cooler temperature and higher elevation here means that the coffee enjoys longer fermentation times, contributing to complexity in the cup, and the processed coffee is much easier to move down from the steep fields to the central mill for drying. After being fermented, the coffee is dried on concrete patios at the central facility. 


Bernardo Echeverry is part of the 3rd generation of a coffee-producing family. His grandparents initially bought a small farm in Santuario, Risaralda in the 1950s and started a long-term family project. Like many others, the family went through years of solvency and years of crisis. But they understood from the very beginning that any successful farm had to focus on productivity, strict quality standards and especially a rigorous cost-efficient structure.

Initially, Bernardo’s farm was planted exclusively with Bourbon and Typica plants and the wet milling process was done in a traditional way. As the coffee industry began to evolve, Bernardo Echeverry saw the need to improve his farming techniques by producing more high-quality coffee with an optimal cost of production. Finca La Estrella is currently processing all of the coffee cherries in a high-tech ecological mill that consumes significantly less water than the traditional system.

Bernardo and his family have witnessed how most youngsters leave the coffee fields in pursuit of an urban lifestyle, they believe is it imperative to share the knowledge with all producers in order to propagate an economically viable production methodology that will preserve their traditions and of course, maintain their unique cup profile.



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