Moondust Seasonal Espresso


Origin: Mexico

Tasting notes:  Milk Chocolate, Raisins and Creamy Body

Las Cotorras coffee is grown in the highlands of the state of Chiapas, home to the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve. The El Triunfo Biosphere is a protected area of close to 120 thousand hectares. It represents the very last of the Central American cloud forests, where naturally occurring condensation is trapped by the forest, giving life to an array of plant and animal species.

Included in the animal species is the Cotorras bird which is endemic to Mexico and finds its preferred habitat on coffee farms in the highlands of Chiapas. These birds are not just known for their love of “coffeelands” but are also a symbol of authenticity and freedom. This is where Las Cotorras got its very apt name by Caravela coffee.

Caravela coffee has been working with communities of very small-scale coffee growers in this region who produce high quality, organic coffee. Through their business model, over 300 producers in Jaltenango region of Chiapas can reach specialty coffee roasters around the world, enabling them to get premium prices for their produce.

Coffee from Las Cotorras is unique for its sweet notes of chocolate, red fruit, spices, raisins, and berries and its creamy, full-bodied finish.

Moondust is our take on traditional espresso. It is in no way dark but we use seasonal origins to bring up a lot of body for those who are looking for a strong cup.


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