Moondust Seasonal Espresso


Origin: Peru

Tasting notes:  Milk Chocolate, Raisins and Creamy Body

Rio Tambo coffee comes from the Satipo-Junin region of Rio Tambo in Central Peru. In total, there are 119 farmers involved with Rio Tambo. The farmers are guided by Volcafe who are dedicated to sourcing and promoting high-quality and single-origin coffees from smallholders, cooperatives and estates worldwide.

As part of The Volcafe Way, the farmers are offered assistance through training, baseline surveys, and commercial follow ups. Techniques to increase productivity, reduce water consumption, and carbon emissions are also incorporated into the training with many of the farmers surpassing sustainable goals.

The varieties of coffee produced among these farmers are predominantly Catimor, Catuai, Caturras, and smaller quantities of Bourbon.

Processing is carried out individually by each producer and pulped on the same day of harvest. Fermentation is carried out over 12 hours and the drying takes place on trays, solar dryers, and mechanical dryers at the point of collection.


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