Festive Brew

el salvador
josé alfredo recinos
granny Smith, digestives, hazelnuts


Nestled in Chalatenango's coffee-rich terrain, San Andrés farm is owned by José Alfredo Recinos and his wife, Roxana.  Born into a coffee-centric family, José Alfredo worked alongside his father-in-law to learn coffee production. In 2013, they ventured into specialty coffee. This was a shift that sustained their farm but also improved their family's quality of life. José Alfredo plays a pivotal role in supervising farm processes and management, while Roxana oversees the drying stage and guides their hired workers. Over the years, José Alfredo's expertise and experience have driven him to experiment and innovate. He introduced honey and natural processing methods to enhance the farms' coffee quality.  

In March this year, Bell Lane visited Jose & Roxana and selected the coffee that would become our festive brew.  When we visit coffee farms like San Andrés, meet the producers at source, it reinforces our commitment and underscores what truly matters to us – fostering authentic relationships with coffee producers.

This adds an extra layer of uniqueness and true speciality, to this year’s Christmas coffee offering. 

 Coffee with be dispatched once roasted 

*Please note all online orders will be sent in a 250g bag and branded mailer


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