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enrique lopez

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ideal for: filter

1550 - 1700 masl
red honey 

notes of violet, peach and panna cotta





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Finca Chelín coffees are renowned for their exceptional quality and variety, setting them apart from typical association offerings. With a focus on experimental fermentation methods, Enrique is a leading figure in Oaxaca's coffee scene, providing training and connections for producers like Esther Escamila. He aims to elevate Oaxacan coffee to premium status, employing unique honey processing techniques that enhance flavour through fermentation. Each Chelín lot represents a distinct varietal, promising a diverse selection of exceptional coffees.

Cherries are picked when they are very ripe, with a dark red-purple colour and a sweetness level of about 26°Brix. After removing the cherries that float, the clean cherries are left to rest in concrete tanks overnight for about 15 hours. The next morning, the cherries are depulped and then dried. For the first two days, they dry under direct sunlight to increase their tartaric acidity and enhance their fruity flavour, and then they are moved to the shade to finish drying.