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Sustainability & Sourcing

Sustainable honest sourcing is at our core.

In 2018 we set about changing the way in which we source our green coffee. One of our goals is to achieve sustainability in our business whilst sourcing great coffee from origins all over the world.  To do this our first step was to establish strong and transparent relationships with producers who believe in us and who share the same values as us. 

All the green coffee we source is fully traceable and where possible we source from individually owned farms or cooperatives, ideally travelling to that country of origin and establishing a relationship with the producer.  This approach guarantees economic sustainability for the farmer, their family, and communities. 



Carbon consciousness is about considering the impact of our actions on the environment.  With increased awareness of carbon dioxide costs and everyday impacts, we have made small changes, like switching to energy-efficient lighting, we moved into our new roastery, we prioritised sustainability by reusing as much of our current office furniture as possible. We upcycled the remaining choosing used office desks, chairs, office storage, and filing cabinets.  The electricity energy supplied to the roastery is 100% green energy meaning its sourced from renewable generation.


upcycling hessian sacks
Where possible we reuse all of our wastage.  Our coffee chaff, the by product from roasting coffee is given to local gardens to be used as mulch and our hessian sacks are donated to craft projects.⠀
They are small steps in reducing our carbon footprint and creating an environmentally friendly workplace.



We provide reusable drums as an option for our wholesale partners to reduce waster and offer a more circular solution. 


Recyled packaging



We have partnered with WCR, who drive research in coffee genetics, to ensure we protect the future of coffee and our planet. Research, innovation, sharing knowledge across the supply chain from farmers, origins and industry, means we can all take educated steps to understand the importance of sustainability in coffee, its people and communities.