Bell Lane Coffee Roastery

Bell lane Coffee are an award winning specialty coffee roasters based in Mullingar, Co Westmeath. We’re here to make seasonal fresh roasted coffee accessible to you. 

Since 2012, we’ve been on an extraordinary journey that has taken us around the world in search of the perfect cup of coffee, working and building relationships with outstanding coffee producers.

Only the best coffee makes it out of Bell Lane. If we don’t love what we create, we won’t sell it to you.  Farmed and sourced, prepared and roasted, poured and loved. If we can’t give you a taste that’s exceptional, then we’re not doing what we set out to do, nor are we honoring the hard work of coffee producers, coffee pickers and co-op farmers.

We’re dedicated to sourcing great speciality coffee and will roast, test, and taste until we love it, and know you’ll love it too.

Based in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, we constantly source and sample roast green coffee in order to curate a range of coffee that evolves throughout the year.  We do this to reflect the varying growing and harvesting seasons around the world, so that our customers and coffee community can be part of the coffee journey with us, taste different coffee varieties, different origins, different coffees processes, experimental protocols and exclusive coffee lots selected by our Master roaster Niko.  

Coffee is a conversation, and we want to hear from you tell us what you love, what you like, what works, what doesn’t.