The Bell Lane Story


Bell Lane is an amalgamation of a savvy business idea, passion for coffee and an experienced team. It was a dream that came to fruition in 2012 after many years of extensive training and a fateful encounter between a young couple and a master roaster.

Our goal from day one was to create signature coffee that went beyond what was already available on the market. Investing vast amounts of energy into perfecting the roasting technique took time and effort but we achieved our objectives through hard work and dedication.

Raising young children and starting our own business was not going to be easy. So we chose to set up the business in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, a vibrant town with the opportunity to provide us with a good work / life balance.  

bell lane
Bell Lane Brand

Always keen to expand our knowledge of coffee, we attended the London Coffee Festival in 2012.  One day, we came across a street name ‘Bell Lane’. Instantly we knew that this was going to be the name for our fledgling company. 

Once the name was decided, we needed a strong logo to identify the brand. One evening while drinking coffee late into the night around the kitchen table, we toyed around with some ideas. Eventually the logo of beans and wings was designed. It symbolised our determination to grow the emerging business.

Stephen & Denise Bell

Owning their own business is second nature to both Stephen & Denise. With a history of successful business on both sides of their families, it was a natural progression for the couple.

Choosing to create an artisan coffee roastary was in their own words “a leap of faith”.  Stephen had amassed over 12 years of experience working in the hospitality sector, seven of these in a well known coffee roastary. His knowledge & expertise of the coffee cycle, from sourcing to roasting was an essential ingredient of the Bell Lane business plan. Stephen has trained to barista level and achieved a machenasti qualification.

Previous to starting the company, Denise gained a marketing degree and spent the following 10 years working in the finance sector.  Her creative input is essential to the company’s growth. Juggling a family and a business has honed her time-management skills, enabling Denise to efficiently manage the day-to-day business operations.   Denise was shortlisted to Image Business Woman of the Year 2015.


At Bell Lane we have a team of seven, all of whom bring their own unique essential expertise which enables the company to continue to grow. We are not a company to sit back on our laurels. Continuous training for all employees is an essential ingredient in our achievements to-date.

In a nutshell, our passion for great tasting coffee, coupled with a desire to create signature blends, was what ignited the spark. The success is down to hard work, dedication and a commitment to creating smooth, delicious blends for coffee lovers everywhere.

We would be the first to say that Bell Lane’s success can be contributed to the addition of Paul Mooney into our team. Prior to joining Bell Lane, Paul had 25 years experience roasting coffee within the industry. His knowledge of coffee is second to none and his ability to create new techniques has enabled us to develop our signature, award-winning blends. 


To our absolute delight, we won a total of 8 Stars at the coveted Great Taste Awards in 2014. This was a huge achievement for our two-year old company, as we were up against the best on the market. A testament to our hard work and dedication.

Dragon Fly espresso blend won three stars, the highest mark available. Dawn Chorus espresso won two stars, House Espresso two stars and Misty Mountain one star.