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Gesha became very popular after it was first presented on the WBC stage and that’s how all the “Gesha hype” started.  However, it is important to say that the variety originates from Ethiopia and carries beautiful floral, delicate, and sweet notes that I, as a roaster, love.  Although today with different fermentation techniques some lots in my opinion are taken to a different level where Geisha profile is muted, and we taste the fermentation style in the cup over the variety. Saying that this was my guideline when I was choosing the lots for us. Since this was our first Gesha release I was looking for lots that in my opinion are free of any “modulated” flavours. As I can recall, I first tried Gesha 7 years ago. It was a natural from Finca Hartmann. It was beautiful and I can still remember the time and place when I had it. Trying so many coffees over the past decade, it is amazing that I can still recall it so well. From that moment on I had this goal that one day I’ll be roasting it myself. So here we are 7 years later and I have three different lots, guess when you work towards something it has to happen one day. Logging more than 20k batches and with so much experience it came to me as a reward and a new challenge that I very much looked forward to. Every roaster has their style so now it was my moment to say this is the way it needs to be done. Timing for premium coffee came naturally to our roastery. We have roasted some beautiful coffee over the last few years that when we were brainstorming about bringing something special we all agreed it had to be Gesha to start with. Since I am a green buyer for the company this was my chance to choose the lots that highlight the characteristics of the variety. The Initial idea was to bring only washed and natural but I was asked to cup La Mina for feedback, it was outstanding - and that’s how we ended up with a washed, natural and honey processed Gesha. Monteverde was the obvious choice for me, as an advocate for washed process Monteverde was just beautiful, super floral, delicate, and pretty. Finding a natural was a bit of a challenge as the majority of lots I’ve cupped were not free of “ferment”. The amazing team from Colombian Spirit called and said “we have the natural that you are looking for” and they were right. Inmaculada is beautiful! The natural process was done so gently that you might ask yourself.. is it a natural?  The honey processed La Mina brings a unique experience for those looking to try something with a bit of “funk” When it comes to brewing, I always recommend to everyone to explore and see what works for them when it comes to ratio, water temp, and brew time but we have added our suggested brew guide in the tasting notes for those looking for a guideline. However, I do highly recommend a good grinder like Comandante and using soft water for brewing.   When drinking Gesha, expect coffee with no bitterness. It is very delicate and layered and should be enjoyed slowly allowing the flavours to unfold as it cools.

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