Why filter coffee?

Before automation in the coffee industry and the invention of the beloved espresso machine, filter coffee was the norm. The use of a filter has been a household essential since the early 17th Century. 

Home brewers used material or muslin to filter ground coffee, separating the coffee from the liquid. This was a brewing basic until the invention of the paper filter approx. 200 years later.

Today we see the resurgence of filter coffee also known as pour-over or Drip coffee as the new alternative brewing method, used by millions every day. This surge in brewing can be attributed to a few basic factors.

Cost of entry - Brewing equipment is cheap; you can get a basic set up for less than a Saturday night take away. Pre-ground coffee is widely available, and everyone has a kettle in the kitchen.

Knowledge - This brewing method is one of the simplest, you can achieve a very tasty cup with very little experience. All you need in the process is you, coffee, water and a little imagination.

Portable – brewing should be enjoyed everywhere, with the advantage that you can bring your chosen filter brewer, AeroPress or v60 with you to the park, in the car or even on holidays. You will never be stuck for a fresh brew.

Flavours – The perfect filter brew can achieve very tasty results, with a bag of freshly roasted coffee, ground as required. We would always suggest that you grind fresh and purchase a small hand grinder. The results can be outstanding, proving you don’t need expensive equipment to achieve coffee excellence. 

Controllable – Pourover coffee makes it simple to take full control over how strong every cup is. With limitless room for experimentation and striking the ideal balance, pouring consistently excellent cups every time becomes a walk in the park. We always recommend you start brewing with a ration of 60g coffee to 1 litre of water, once you have grasped the correct grind, you can adjust to your taste.

So next time you think you need all the high-tech gadgets on the market to produce a superb cup of coffee, think again!

Stephen Bell
Co – Founder
Bell lane Coffee