Ultimate Coffee Freshness - Dissolving the Myth

There is a current misconception that the fresher the coffee is, the better. Well, we're here to bust that myth wide open and explain what fresh-roasted coffee really means so you can enjoy your brew it is at its peak.

We will begin by explaining what happens to coffee once it has been roasted. Two key processes occur: degassing and oxidation. 

Degassing: Degassing refers to the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) created from roasting coffee. Did you know that degassing occurs very aggressively during the first week after roasting? This is important to note because it means that extraction might not be adequate during this period since the trapped CO2 is vigorously trying to be released. In fact, if you brew coffee within the first week of roasting, you may miss out on the full potential of the roast. While the brew will still be good, it won't be at its peak in terms of sweetness, clarity, and acidity.

Oxidation: On the other hand, oxidation happens when coffee is exposed to air. It is a natural, and gradual process that begins immediately after roasting. Over time, it leads to coffee going stale, flat, and losing its depth of flavor. To prevent or slow down oxidation, roasters typically package fresh coffee in bags with one-way valves. This allows the CO2 to escape while preventing oxygen from entering the bag. There are other techniques to prevent oxidation as well, but we'll dive into those in a future post.
Now for the ultimate question, what is the best time to brew freshly delivered coffee? Well, we found that both our filter and espresso roasts are at their best when brewed between 1 to 11 weeks after roasting. Assuming the coffee is stored in its original packaging, there is little to no difference in the quality of the brew during this period. However, we've noticed slight oxidation in the brew by week 12, so it's best to consume your coffee within the recommended time frame to enjoy it at its peak freshness. 

To sum up, your coffee will be at its "peak" freshness 1 to 11 weeks after roasting. It's important to note that this does not apply to dark roast as the oxidation process is accelerated. If you're a fan of dark roast, we suggest brewing your coffee as soon as possible to avoid any rancid flavors.

So there you have it, We hope this clears up any confusion about fresh-roasted coffee and helps you enjoy your cup of joe to the fullest.