Showcasing Mullingar Town

Verona's Seasons

Working with so many talented creatives in Bell Lane, the opportunity to showcase their work is our honour. Outside of the coffee professionals, Roasters, and amazing Baristas, the talented creatives behind our brand are just as important. 

Verona has been our photographer in Bell Lane for the past four years, giving life to our coffee through creative imagery. 

Verona has an impressive back catalogue of local photography from our beautiful town of Mullingar. We decided to highlight the seasons over the coming 12 months from our surrounding area that you can share with friends, family, and loved ones

The project will highlight our local area, the home of Bell Lane, and where most of our staff live. With the help of The Factory for printing and pulled together by Daisy, we are excited to share this work with you.

  Pic: Verona McQuaid


How it works:

For every online order, we will include a postcard. Once received, the choice is yours. We would love you to share this with someone special or to keep and build your collection.

We will release each set of seasons online at the end of each quarter; they are free. You can donate when buying, Bell Lane will then donate all proceeds to a local charity at the end of the year.

This project is about showcasing our beautiful town, sharing our natural surroundings, and hopefully, making you smile.