#KeepGrinding - SCA Professional Course


It was about time to get this done, and finally, I did it (or better say WE did it!) 😊
It took three days of intensive training with Alin who owns and runs Coffee Laboratory which offers coffee training and consultancy.

Coffee Lab is the only institution in Ireland to hold an SCA Premier Campus license for all modules. Let’s say that again: All modules!
And I think that says a lot… but, not everything about Alin Giriada!

After passing SCA Intermediate, SCA professional was the next logical step and with support from my colleagues and Bell Lane itself, that bucket lister is done!

Day one
was all about Coffee and Espresso:
- Green and roasted beans, terroir, coffee plant, varieties, processing, fermentation, roasting, decaffeinating, etc.
Day two
was all about Espresso and Milk:
- Espresso quality, acids, EBF, TDS, equipment, Water quality, Milk, etc.

Day three
was about coffee shops and of course the practical exam.
- Café location, layout, staffing financials, etc.

The exam was really interesting, I got coffee that I had not used before and I had to set up the recipe by taste, explain it and at the end confirm it by measuring TDS with a refractometer.

Enjoyed every step of this process.

What is next? – We’ll see, but I’m 100% sure that this SCA journey is not ending here, and that’s another reason why Coffee, with Coffee learning and developing is never-ending so #keepgrinding is there for a reason.