Saying Goodbye to the Bean & Wings

Bell Lane Coffee started in 2012, both Stephen & I were unemployed, and we had three children under the age of 5. We always shared a similar goal, to work for ourselves, it was ingrained in both our DNA’s having grown up in that space, witnessing first-hand our parents' business ventures. We had seen the hard work, the blood sweat and tears, the good luck and the resounding commitment needed to be successful. 

To get the business off the ground we needed an identity. The name Bell Lane was truly a complete fluke! While on a research trip to the London Coffee Festival, we came across an old street sign called Bell Lane and took a quick photo.  The photo stuck in our minds for the remainder of that trip, it just sat right as we never wanted a coffee-related name, it was an easy decision, we now had our identity. 

The icon was a little tougher and to be honest was more an amalgamation of images we liked, derived after a brainstorming session at the kitchen table at 3am!  However, it worked, and I would like to think people liked it.  We hit the ground running and Bell Lane Coffee took off. 

Fast forward to 2021!   And how things have changed. Bell Lane is now a roastery built on technical expertise, our team is a group of like-minded, passionate, honest, dynamic, and committed individuals.

Over the last four years, the team has worked so hard to create an outstanding roastery, relentlessly focusing on quality, quality, quality.  We travel to origin when permitted, to meet coffee producers first-hand.  We learn from the farmers and producers we meet; we build relationships with everyone within our coffee supply chain.  This relationship offers security to the farmer, their families and communities, and security to us that they can deliver quality focused coffee. 

Every day we push to be better, look to improve, and to be honest that may often mean stepping outside our comfort zone!  We are on a constant voyage of learning and discovery, seeking out different origins and processing methods that introduce us to spectacular new coffee flavours.  Developing new roasting techniques, improving roastery equipment, diligently reviewing roast profiles, tweaking, tasting, tasting again, and again and again!

So why did we rebrand?  We started the project almost 15 months ago and it was in essence that the Bean & Wing no longer reflected who we were as a company, that we travel to origin to carefully select our coffee partners, nor did it reflect our expertise, our dependability, our innovation, our energy, our team, and lastly our commitment to producing the best specialty coffee we can.  We needed to communicate how far we have come, who we are now and into the future. The new logo we hope embodies all the above and will grow as we continue this voyage.

We are incredibly excited to finally share our new identity with you and everything it represents, it has been hard work and completed during the most testing of times, when most of our team were at home, waiting for the call to return to work.  At a time when you our customers got behind us: wholesale partners adapting their business to keep the doors open and build a successful takeaway trade, branching into selling retail coffee, and every single person who has ordered online, and every person who continues to support us in their own unique way. 

We are immensely grateful. 

This year has been a year of change and adaptability for us all.  We hope you will jump on board for the next stage of our adventure!

“Energy rightly applied and directed will accomplish anything” – Nellie Bly - Widely known for her record-breaking trip around the world in 72 days.