MAYBEE - Year Two

Last year, we began our MayBee campaign as a small initiative with a potentially huge impact. Our plan was to distribute packages of coffee across the country, with an added element that could involve both our community and ourselves as a team. Recognizing the significance of bees in our ecosystem and their declining population, we decided to include "bee bombs" in our online orders. This simple idea required only a little bit of work on either end, but a very apt example of how working together, can really make a difference. 

Alone we can do little, but together we can do a lot.!

The response to our campaign was overwhelmingly, with lovely messages, photos, and requests for more bee bombs. This encouraged us to continue the campaign for the second year running.

This year, we have sourced seeds from Fruit Hill Farm, an Irish company specializing in organic farming and gardening. The seeds have a wider coverage than the bee bombs.

Every online order for the month of May will receive a pack of these seeds, and while it may seem small, it can definitely be mighty when we all do our bit.

If planting seeds is not your thing, or you do not have the space, you can always pass them on to a friend or family member who does.. 

To plant the seeds, simply sow them in a well-raked bed in the spring. Scatter the seeds, rake lightly, and firm down well. Within a few weeks, your meadow should be well on its way to attracting bees and other pollinators.

We cant wait to see your images and hope you enjoy these little bags of life.