MayBee 🐝

Alone we can do little, together we can do much more…

These are the words that came to mind when we were thinking about what we could do to both involve our community of coffee drinkers and do something positive.

being a young, conscious company, we always choose the most sustainable paths available to us such as reducing our carbon emissions where we can - and offsetting where we cannot. We focus on reducing paper use and wastage in our office and choose recyclable or compostable packaging where it is available to us. This year, we wanted to create a project that would have a positive impact beyond our practices.

So our challenge was to get creative.!

 We deliver to doorsteps and coffee shops across Ireland every day of the week and when we did our calculations, we thought how great it would be to include our coffee community to work together and have a positive impact on the environment. – much like the honey bee who on its own, cannot do much, but together.. well, we all know how important they are.!. We also know that the overuse of pesticides, and the destruction of the honey bee’s natural habitat through farming along with many other factors have threatened bee populations and diversity.

 A world without bees can devoid humans of their favourite cup of coffee, their meals, salads, their almond- and honey-topped chocolates, and strawberry ice-creams. Their absence would remove a host of nutritious food from our diets, including apples, strawberries, pumpkins, potatoes, onions, cauliflowers, carrots, papayas, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, almonds, sunflowers, cocoa, and.. we will say it one more time… coffee!

 This is when we got our idea to distribute bee bombs across the country as we send out our coffee. So we looked into a company called bee bombs Ireland- located in our neighbouring county Meath and ordered in bulk. What is so special about these particular bombs is that they contain 27 native Irish wildflower species with many of them being endangered and some classified as extinct. So we are not only helping bees, we are helping to restore biodiversity across Ireland!

 We then sought out compostable packaging and hand-packed each bundle – enough to make sure that each home that placed an order in the month of May would receive a pack.  All you need to do is press the bombs into the ground and let nature do the rest.!


How to:

Bee garden wildflower seed bombs are suitable for planting in flower beds and containers from September to early April for summer blooms & May to end June for Autumn blooms. If planting in Springtime, soak seed bombs in water for a few hours. Plant 1 seed bomb per sqft of cleared soil. Water the area in dry weather, and remove any grass or weeds. If planting indoors, water regularly and pre-soak before planting.


Beeloving native wildflower annuals: birdsfoot trefoil, chamomile, corn marigold, corncockle, cornflower, corn poppy. Bee loving native wildflower perennials: devils bit scabious, field scabious, lady’s bedstraw, lesser knapweed, meadow buttercup, meadow vetchling, ox eye daisy, plantain, purple loosestrife, ragged robin, red campion, red clover, scentless mayweed, sorrel, st johns wort, selfheal, tufted vetch, wild carrot, yarrow, yellow rattle.