London Coffee Festival

We caught up with Goran, our Sales Manager who attended the 2022 London Coffee Festival. Her Is what he had to say 😊

Overcrowded Dublin airport didn’t stop us in our goal to visit London Coffee Festival 2022. Festival itself attracts over 30 000 visitors, and it hosts around 250 coffee or coffee-related stalls. Being first time here, I have to say London is definitely place to be, at least in this part of the Europe.

LCF started for first time 2011 and from then it's been a platform for many well known coffee roasters, micro-roasters, farmers, coffee enthusiasts, foodies, coffee machine manufacturers and all sorts of people from coffee industry enjoying good vibes and good coffee.

It was great to see how much the coffee industry advanced towards sustainability. ‘’Compostable, recyclable, reusable, sustainable’’ were words that were spoken from every single presenter at the festival. It’s was nice to see the responsibility of everyone involved in this coffee world. In the end, we have to preserve this planet as much as possible, this is only planet where coffee is growing😊.

At the festival, I spent most of my time talking with coffee roasters, such a great feeling being surrounded with all those amazing people who share the same passion. I wish the rest of Bell Lane team was there with me, but all I could do is share some pictures and bring some coffee so we can taste together and discuss.

Vibrant coffee scene of London has a lot to offer and as well as going to the festival, we got to experienced few iconic coffee shops. Kaffeine was one of them and we found the secret behind their success. Secret is: there are no secrets! Amazing customer service from everyone especially Jess (manager), Simplicity in offer but everything they serve is fresh, and quality over quantity is definitely their policy. Whatever I tried, it tasted like holidays 😊

If I have to sum up my experience in one sentence it might sound like cliché but: Coffee is not just beverage, Coffee is lifestyle.

Goran Gojic