If you ever worked as a barista, there is no doubt you fantasised about having your own coffee shop. To design the look and feel and apply your very own philosophy is a dream that takes blood, sweat, and tears to come to fruition.

Niall realised his dream!

Established in early 2022, Niall Weldon chose the name ‘Evalynn’ for his café. 

Evalynn, much like the name suggests, has an elegant interior influenced by Asian contemporary design. The café welcomes you with a bright, spacious, and minimalistic aesthetic, while functionality plays a pivotal role right through to the finer details. A striking feature in the shop comes in the form of beautiful works of art from local artist and Glebe Gallery Prize Winner, Jenny Campion.

Entering the cafe, you are greeted by friendly staff, the sight of fresh flowers, and the aroma of just-baked goods by Grace, the in-house Baker. To top off the senses, a choice of specialty coffee that caters to all taste buds awaits your order. From your favourite milky coffee beverage to a range of filter, home-brewing options, Evalynn truly is a welcomed addition to the local community and a big step up for the coffee scene in Drogheda.

An amazing team, coupled with exceptional coffee equipment shows that Niall cut no corners when it comes to offering you the best. Nicole, Abigail, Adam, Lorcan, Niall, or Rachel, will make your perfectly extracted, perfectly steamed, and perfectly presented coffee to brighten your day. While Effie, who is front-of-house will make sure your order arrives at your table

Niall seems like a shy person, but he is not hiding his smile while he is talking about his team, he is very proud of them and the family-like bond they created – especially when we talked about Rachel.

Rachel ‘The Boss’ (as Niall says) has been involved since the beginning, working tirelessly alongside Niall to coordinate the shop design, installation, and final touches. What makes Niall and Rachel such a perfect duo is their alignment when talking about Evalynn’s mission – to strive for perfection and make coffee that sparks smiles and creates core memories.

Niall and Rachel are no strangers in our roastery. We are more than happy to see their faces and have been known to look for any ‘excuse’ to meet up and chat about coffee, work on recipes, or cup some new arrivals. Throw our head roaster Niko into the mix and we could end up spending hours immersed in coffee convos!

For Niall, Specialty has influenced many new friendships and he has some great stories connecting with like-minded people from coffee-loving capitals such as Dublin, London, and Milan. Specialty is a community that loves to share passions and experiences and it is evident Niall has truly been captivated.

Evalynn’s relationship with Bell Lane started as a spontaneous conversation between Niall and Bell Lane’s Head of Sales, Gail Henshall, in 2021, which kickstarted a relationship that quickly grew to new heights for both parties.

Through many passionate conversations, it became clear that Niall was a man with incredible vision who had his heart set on pushing the boundaries of Evalynn’s already exceptional reputation. Paired with Bell Lane’s desire to challenge its capability as a roaster, we began to discuss the possibility of a collaboration. Fast forward through months of planning, Santa Petrona’s black honey processed coffee is now available as an exclusive roast for Evalynn.

The driving force behind this collaboration was to offer something unique to Evalynn’s customers, giving them the ultimate specialty experience. And by doing so, we also set an example of what an ideal roaster/specialty coffee shop partnership looks like.

It is a delicate job to keep the green beans in ideal conditions on their journey from farm to roaster. From this point on, both coffee roasters and coffee shops have a shared duty to capture and highlight the coffee aromas - justifying the hard work of the coffee farmers. The slightest error or slip of the hand can compromise quality - and we are not willing to compromise anything!

If you are reading this while you are holding a cup of coffee from Evalynn you might notice the rich body of Santa Petrona with subtle Cherry and Cranberry acidity, wrapped in a dark chocolate finish.

We hope you enjoy 😊