Rwanda - KCRS 250g


Roast: Filter
Farm: Cooperative - KCRS
Altitude: 1800- 2500 masl
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Fully Washed
Cup Notes: Chocolate, Rosehip, Gooseberry, Black Tea, Grapes, Syrupy, Clean, Crisp

Rwanda KCRS Women's cooperative is a collection of Female run coffee farms found in the Rulindo district of Northern Rwanda.  KCRS Women's Group farms are found on the slopes of high-altitude mountains ranging from 2000 - 2500 masl, allowing the cherries to ripen slowly and develop deep rich flavours and aromas.  

KCRS Cooperative has 600 female-owned farms, which are typically small family plots with incredibly diverse crop production, including beans, legumes, and sweet potatoes.  This helps farmers generate more income whilst also producing food for their families.  There are some male members of the families, but the women took over ownership and charge of the land.  The support that a smallholder farmer often relies on has found to flourish under this structure and it is often now used as a methodology to help improve the coffee on a farm if an individual is struggling.  The ripest cherries are picked in the early hours of the morning and then immediately transported to the Kinini Washing Station where they are hand sorted again.  The cherries are then pulped and washed, spread on raised drying beds and then eventually graded and bagged ready for export.


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