Myanmar The Lady


Roast: Filter
Farm: Smallholders from Nwar Ban Gyi Village
Altitude: 1350 MASL
Variety: Red Catuai
Process:  Red Honey - Carbonic maceration
Profile: Nougat, Clementine, Apple 


The Lady is a processing facility created in 2018 by two leading lights of the Myanmar speciality scene: ThiHa Gyawalie and Su Nandar Linn.  Both are responsible for running their separate family farms but have joined forces with The Lady to support and champion the efforts of farmers in Ywangan region, with its limited-edition lots produced exclusively by women.  This coffee is one of only three lots processed this year and the only honey processed lot using the carbonic maceration technique. Cherries are collected
from 51 women farmers from Nwar Ban Gyi village and processed within 18 hours of harvest. After the flotation, whole fruit cherries are put in 500-litre one-way valve fitted fermentation tanks for 48 hours, before being pulped and put on the drying beds for further processing. The coffees are dried for 12-15 days.


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