La Mina 180g

Origin:  Colombia
Farm: La Mina 
Farmer: Daniel Correal
Variety: Gesha
Process: Honey Process
Location: Quindio
Altitude: 1.700 masl
Cup Notes: Cinnamon, Mango, White tea


Finca La Mina is an 80-hectare coffee farm located in Quindio, Colombia and is owned and managed by Daniel Correal and his team.

One may be forgiven for mistaking this La Mina for a plantain plantation but when considering the varieties of coffee grown on this farm ( Castillo, yellow bourbon, pacamara, and of course, Gesha ) it becomes clear there is a harmonious relationship where the plantain trees protect the delicate coffee plants while also producing fruits that serve as a buffer for Daniel during off-peak seasons. After Daniel and his team hand pick the ripe cherries, they are de-pulped (without washing) under mechanical pressure. The coffee then goes through its honey process where it is left to ferment in sealed tanks for 48hrs.

To avoid mold and fungus growth during the subsequent drying phase, the cherries are turned at least five times a day for the first three days.

In the case of Finca La Mina, this honey processed Gesha was dried in a specially built parabolic tunnel. The advantage of using a parabolic tunnel lies in its ability to maintain a constant flow of air, which, in addition to daily turning, helps to protect the coffee beans from mold and fungus. During the drying process, further quality control is carried out by manually picking out damaged coffee beans.

Bell Lanes’ Head Roaster Niko, transformed Finca La Mina’s Gesha into a light-roast filter coffee using a very gentle approach when roasting - low momentum in development ensured all the delicate flavours were retained. The result is an elegant coffee with surprising cinnamon spices, mango sweetness and white tea notes.


Please Note

*** This is a special roast item and will be roasted by our Head Roaster Niko, any additional items purchased will be held and the completed order will be despatched ***








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