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1600 - 1650 masl
red bourbon 

notes of mandarin, lime, melon





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Established in 2016, Kilimbi's washing station is elevated and contains ideal conditions to facilitate exceptional coffee production. Kilimbi is accessible only by boat across Lake Kivu to deliver their farm’s harvests. Kilimbi yields around 33,300kg of milled green coffee annually, which is produced into volumes of honey, washed, and naturally processed coffees.


The cherries undergo hand sorting to eliminate underripe or damaged fruit and foreign objects, followed by a floatation process in prepulping tanks to remove remaining floaters. Then the cherries are fermented in dedicated concrete tanks for approximately 12 hours, with parchment agitated multiple times daily through ceremonial foot stomping. It is then taken to a large serpentine grading channel, where parchment is sorted by density. During washing, parchment is continuously agitated to prompt lower density pieces to float and remove residual mucilage. After grading, parchment undergoes a final post-wash rinse before being transported to a pre-drying area for hand sorting to eliminate insect-damaged, discoloured, or chipped coffee. The parchment is then spread out to dry and rotated regularly over a 30-day period.