Kenya - Kirinyaga - 250g


Roast: Filter
Altitude: 1800 MASL
Region: Kirinyaga Central
Variety: Sl28, Sl34
Process: Washed 
Cup Notes: Juicy, Red currant, short bread

This coffee comes from the Kirinyaga Central district in Kenya’s Kirinyaga region and was sourced through Typica from a distributer called Kenyacof.

The coffee producing regions of Kenya are located near the countrys capital, Nairobi. With Kenyas rapid growing economy, city life has taken over and agriculture is being threatened for being outdated and considered low productivity.

Kenyacof’s business model focuses on being the link in the supply chain for remaining small holder farmers to access the international market. The “Kenyacof way” prides itself in its use of technology such as soil analysis gadgets which gives producers farming insights to maximise production and quality. The organisation also invests in producers through their Farmers Hub facility where they hold lectures on how to care for coffee trees.

Kenyacof have their own mill and process coffee even if they only have one bag, - so long as the coffee quality is high. With coffee scarcity, and high prices, Kenya could no longer compete in the specialty coffee market so focusing on high quality mircolots that are deserving of high prices may very well become a saviour to kenya’s coffee problems.


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