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johan vergara

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las flores
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pink bourbon





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Careful selection of coffee cherries is crucial due to the difficulty in identifying fully ripe fruit in this variety. The cherries are then floated, washed, and subjected to a 24- hour oxidation process. Following this, depulping occurs, and the cherries undergo a 36-hour fermentation with mucilage. A thermal shock is induced by adding water at a temperature ranging from 50-60ºC. Drying takes place for approximately 8-15 days, depending on the climate. Stabilization follows for at least 2 weeks.

Situated in Acevedo Huila, Las Flores is a coffee farm lies at the base of the South ranges of the Andes in the Huila region of Colombia. This area is renowned for its fertile soil, making it one of the prime locations for coffee cultivation in the country. The combination of warm southerly winds from the Amazon and refreshing sea breezes from the Caribbean contributes to a unique sweetness in the coffee produced here. The cherries from Huila are distinctively characterized by a bright acidity, setting them apart from other Colombian coffees.

Established by Johan's parents in 1990, Johan took charge of Las Flores at the age of 24. Making a bold decision to diversify, he introduced a variety of specialty coffee crops, adding a unique touch to the farm's offerings.