Jairo Arcila - Honey+ -180g


Roast: Filter
Region: Quindio
Altitude: 1500 masl
Variety: Castillo
Process: Honey+ ( Wine, Yeast, & Peach )
Cup Notes: Sweet Peaches, Floral, White Chocolate, Lime



This lot was grown by the increasingly famous Jairo Arcila at his Santa Mónica farm in the Quindio region of Colombia.

Jairo’s name has been bubbling in the specialty coffee world recently due to his wild coffee processing experiments. Bell Lane are no strangers to Jairo’s work and have tried several of his special releases, including his rum-aged Caturra which got the spotlight as our Christmas 2022 release.

This micro-lot is entirely Castillo, a variety developed by Federación Nacional de Cafeteros and a popular choice for growing in Colombia due to its productivity and resistance to coffee leaf rust.

To begin processing, Jairo takes ripe cherries, places them in GrainPro bags, and adds a generous serving of wine, yeast, and dehydrated peaches. This beautiful mixture then undergoes a dry anaerobic fermentation for 72 hours. After fermentation, the cherries are pulped and spread across raised beds with more peaches to dry.

If you have opened this coffee already, you more than likely discovered the fruity aroma teasing you before you make your first brew. When cupping, we noted a sweetness to die for, intense peach and apricot flavours, and a superb finish.


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