Inmaculada 180g

Origin:  Colombia
Farm: Inmaculada
Variety: Gesha
Process: Natural
Farmer: Holguin Ramos Family
Location: Valle Del Cauca
Altitude: 1.750 Masl
Cup Notes: Lemongrass Oranges Honey


Deep in the Andes mountains, nestled in the intact-natural forest of Valle Del Cauca, Colombia, there is a 50-hectare farm where some of the most special coffees are grown. Rich soils, high altitude, and ideal humidity make this location perfect for coffee growing. In 2010, the Holguin family embarked on a passion-fuelled journey after more than 90 years of cultivating sugar cane. Realising their location was a unique, untapped resource, they utilised their findings, directing their full attention to bringing the rarest coffees to the farm.  

The Holigan family-focused intensely on specialty coffee, perfecting their farming and processing techniques. Today, they are world-renowned for their outstanding quality, while also hailed as local heroes for providing stable working opportunities in the area. They named their farm Inmaculada which translates to ‘immaculate’ meaning ‘perfectly clean’ and from their farm, comes this exceptional Gesha - the first to be offered by Bell Lane Coffee Roasters. The Gesha variety is internationally accepted as the most exclusive of coffee. Standing apart from all others, it is distinguished by enchanting floral flavours and a perfectly clean cup. Combining the Holguin family’s unique drying techniques and Bell Lanes’ light roasting approach encapsulates the delicate flavours of this varietal and pushes the boundaries of an already exceptional coffee.


*** This is a special roast item and will be roasted by our Head Roaster Niko, any additional items purchased will be held and the completed order will be despatched *** 







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