French Press Bundle



The Espro P7's stainless steel construction makes it one of the most durable French presses on the market.  Plus, its double-wall design helps retain heat so you can enjoy your coffee all morning long.

An Espro Press is a great choice for anyone, both coffee novices and pros alike. It offers one of the best ways to deliver grit-free French Press-style coffee in minutes.

The press allows for the complete saturation of the coffee, so you have a smooth and full-bodied flavour every single time. With the Espro Filter Paper, you can enjoy clean cups of coffee that are a real benefit for drip or pour-over coffee lovers.

Bordering on a work of art, this press pairs well with any kitchen countertop aesthetic.


  • Espro French Press (550ml)
  • Choose from any Seasonal Espresso 250g
    Seasonal Espresso:

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