Carmelo Yujra Ticona - Red Catuai 250g


Roast: Filter 
Farm:  Finca Senda Salvaje
Region: Nor Yungas
Altitude: 1750 Masl
Variety: Red Catuai
Process: Double Washed
Cup Notes: Sweet and Juicy, Apricot, Brown Sugar


Carmelo Yujra Ticona resides close to his seven-hectare farm in Caranavi which is a 6-hour drive from Bolivia’s capital, La Paz. It was during his time as a Quality Manager for the Cup of Excellence when he noticed that the coffee from an old lady’s land was exceptional due to rich dark soils and desirable altitude. With the old lady being beyond her years of harvesting, Carmelo decided to buy her farm and paid a little extra which afforded her a very comfortable retirement.

Carmelo is considered a leader to the producers in the area and to the new community of producers emerging around him. His parents and their generation grew mixed coffee varieties and exported to the commodity market and Caramelo has proudly advanced his expertise in coffee, separating the varieties, and improving processing methods which paved his way into the specialty coffee market with other farmers in the area following suit. Carmelo hopes his children will continue the family trend with further improvements.



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