Bolivia Andre & Marita Torrico 250g

Roast: Filter
Region: Nor Yungas
Mill: 4 Llamas
Altitude: 1700 - 1850 masl
Variety: Catuai
Process: Lactic Maceration
Cup Notes: Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Honey, Nectarine


Andres Torrico runs the 4 Llamas with his partner Marita. They moved to Bolivia after receiving degrees in Social Contributions and Economics. The couple built a milling facility in Nor Yungas among smallholder farmers with a vision to improve the value of smallholders’ coffee using their fermentation and processing techniques.

Andres and Marita believe that sustainability is not a trend but a necessity and have been working hard to build an ecosystem that sustains their practices while also educating locals on how they can use their surroundings to benefit economically while protecting the planet.

This Catuai was processed using Lactic Maceration. Once the cherries are harvested, they are checked for Brix (sugar content) and placed in the fermentation tank. The fermentation tank is covered with a lid and the air is removed. In the oxygen-free state, only the lactic acid bacteria survive and continue to ferment which results in consistent taste.

On cupping, the rich flavours captured in the processing are easily distinguished and promise a delicious brew to be savoured.



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