Acme Tajimi Porcelain Cup


The collab Acme Tajimi cup with the team Maruasa Porcelain was always intended to be a limited product, but lucky for us they have decided to hold onto them for a little while longer, and we managed to bag a few!

Maruasa Porcelain Factory is located in Tajimi and is famous for its ceramics. The factory has been owned and operated by the Matsubara family for over 100 years. The very talented Keishiro Matsubara invited Acme & Co to visit the factory and from there he designed the Tajimi cup with some creative input from us. 

Each 300ml cup has a polished matt exterior with a glazed colour interior. They’re ideal for serving filter coffee, tea and wine. As they’re porcelain they’re perfect at keeping the beverage at the desired temperature.


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