Supernova Espresso

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Our bespoke, medium-roast blend of Ethiopian and Columbian beans produces a coffee with flavourful notes of almond and salted carmel, with a touch of mild acidity.


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Price:   58.05

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Weight 250 g

3 reviews for Supernova Espresso

  1. Maeve (verified owner)

    Our favourite Coffee – We’ve tried all of Bell Lanes blends and this is our favourite. Its smooth and strong – perfect for the mid morning boost. We have tried other brands but none come near the flovour of super nova.

  2. Conor Conroy (verified owner)

    This is my go to blend. Top notch. I order about a kilo every couple of weeks. Nice smooth taste. Price is very reasonable and delivery always prompt. I tend to give a lot away I’m so enthusiastic about it.

    • coffeebelllane16 (verified owner)

      Thank you Conor for your feedback, we really appreciate it!!
      All in Bell Lane

  3. Darragh (verified owner)

    A great blend and the roast is just right, much better than anything I can find locally. I get consistently good pulls from my machine with the beans I’ve purchased here, very satisfied.

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