Sanbai Scales

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An economic solution to portable, accurate brewing.
Max weight 3kg, accurate to 0.1g.
Batteries included.


Digital LCD display, built in timer,

Additional information

Weight 370 g
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 5 cm

1 review for Sanbai Scales

  1. Orla Houlihan (verified owner)

    I was as cynical as the next person when I heard people going on about ratios and how important is is to weigh your coffee and your water, and also somehow time everything.
    I bought a V60 recently, then saw these scales on the site while I was browsing around.

    “Feck it,” I said to myself, “I may be turning into one of those coffee hipsters, but there’s a pandemic and I’m bored and I can tell myself it’s an experiment.”

    And well, apparently I am now a coffee hipster because it does make a difference.
    I’ve got some (seriously delicious) Bell Lane Beriti Tore, which I grind fresh, weigh out into my washed filter, tare up the scales, start the timer, get a bloom on and then top up over a couple of pours. Every cup is consistent (well, duh) but what surprised me most is how much that consistency matters.

    These scales have a decent response time for weight, and the timer bleeps cheerfully every minute. If you put something (cup and V60 with washed filter/entire Chemex with washed filter) on the scale before turning it on, it auto-tares which saves you a button press.
    It handles up to 3 kilos easily, and the booklet says it can do 5 but will be slower about it.
    I’ve been using it to weigh ingredients for cooking too and it’s a heck of an upgrade from my old analogue kitchen scales.

    At €30, they’re a lot cheaper than many of the options out there, and they do what they promise to. Solid purchase, no regrets.

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