Kenya Murang’a New Kiriti Farmers Co-op Filter Roast


Altitude: 1900 masl
Variety: SL -28, Sl -34, Ruiru 11, Batian
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Very Juicy, Sweet Honey Apple, Lemon


Filter Roast – Suitable for all filter brew methods, we have roasted this coffee to highlight the lighter notes in the cup. This coffee can be used as espresso, but expect high acidity and fruit flavours.


All single origins will be roasted on Wednesday and shipped on Thursday, cut off dates for same week orders is Wednesday 1 pm.


Due to the nature of coffee and how it reacts to the air after being ground, we recommend purchasing this coffee as whole bean. However, should you not have access to a grinder, we can grind it for you here.



This coffee comes from a co-operative in Kenya known as New Kiriti FCS. Since 1998 they have operated, increasing their influence in the region and helping the farmers grow with them.  Kenya is already a well renowned origin and coffees can reach a pretty hefty price versus other origins. Working with their farmers they help to keep the quality high so the premium can be returned to the farmers. Together New Kiriti manages three different Wet Mills, Gondo, Kayu and Kirimahiga, serving 2,500 small hold farmers, of which 560 bring their coffee cherries to the Gondo Wet Mill. The farmers will bring their cherries on the day of harvest to be sorted at the Gondo Wet Mill. Only the perfectly ripe cherries are selected and then processed by the washed method. Using water supplied by the nearby Kananahu river, the cherries are milled, removing the fleshy pulped, fermented and finally dried in raised beds. The method of processing and the natural terroir of the region combine to give the beans the blackberry flavour typical of East
African coffees.


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Whole bean, V60, Cafetière, Aeropress, Moka Pot, Kalita Wave, Chemex