Finca La Fortuna


Zone: Ocotepeque
Altitude: 1250 – 1520 masl
Variety: Pacas, Catuai
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Sweet and silky mouthfeel with flavours of dark orange chocolate, red grapes and walnuts


Espresso Roast – This roast profile is suited for espresso-based drinks, this profile gives more bold characters associated with espresso drinks. It can be used for filter methods, but expect less acidity in the cup.


All single origins will be roasted on Wednesday and shipped on Thursday, cut off dates for same week orders is Wednesday 1 pm.


Due to the nature of coffee and how it reacts to the air after being ground, we recommend purchasing this coffee as whole bean. However, should you not have access to a grinder, we can grind it for you here.



Located in Pashapa, La Labor, Ootepeque, Honduras. Delmy Regalado inherited Finca La Fortuna from her father, it was first a sugarcane farm which they cultivated. The community around them was very small, and this plot was one of the first places where coffee was planted in Ocotepeque.
These plots of cane were slowly replaced with coffee plants, and they shifted their focus to this exciting crop. During the harvest when the coffee is in its optimum ripeness, the cherry is collected manually by men and women carefully to only get ripe fruits. Then it is transported to Beneficio San Marcos for the pulp, washing and drying process to begin. The coffee is sent to COCAFELOL to finish the export process when it is at a 11.5% of humidity. The coffee waste is used to make organic fertiliser with pulp developed and processed by Californian red worms.  The mucilage is used to make different products that serve as a foliar fertiliser to farms, this organic fertiliser helps the plants flourish and stay nourished and healthy.
Delmy is also the President for the Hondorus chapter of International Women’s Coffee Alliance, IWCA. It’s aim is to empower women in the international coffee community to achieve sustainability in their lives and families.

Stephen & Niko traveled to Honduras and got to visit Finca La Fortuna and were captivated by Delmy’s passion and her drive is infectious.

This is a direct relationship coffee with Bell Lane.



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Espresso, Filter


Whole Bean, V60, Cafetiere, Aeropress, Moka Pot, Kalita Wave, Chemex

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