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We provide a range of training both for at home enthusiast barista to SCA certified barista qualifications. To inquire about organising or requesting a course, please contact us at


An in-depth look at coffee, with focus on espresso and extraction principles. Aimed at those considering the professional route or already work behind the machine. The class focus will be largely on fundamentals of espresso brewing, milk texturing and latte art and what exactly is happening in the espresso machine. It will be very intense hands on class with aim once finished all students should be able to produce consistent drinks and be competitive on the market. Length of the class is about 8 hours. 

Length of course: 8 hours Approx

Cost: €200


Designed for home coffee-enthusiasts.  Aim is to teach how to make coffee at home like a pro. Course will cover the following: farm to cup, tasting (understanding the difference between processing etc), grind settings and all home brewing methods. (at the end of the course offer discounted price on all brewing equipment with a free bag of coffee). 

Length of the Course:  4 hours Approx

Cost:  €100 


Learn how to make consistent micro foam and pour basic latte art designs: Hearts, Rosetta, Tulip, Swan and more!

Length of the Course:  4 hours Approx

Cost:  €75


A course designed to introduce core barista skills to candidates with no previous barista experience. Successful candidates should be able to calibrate their grinders and make an espresso and cappuccino to core standards.

Length of course: 1 Day Course + exam

Tuition Cost:  €200 

SCA certification fee pending completion: €60


Designed to test key core and more advanced skills and understanding, expected from a competent barista (for example, from someone working as a barista for 6 months or more). Successful candidates should be able to dial in a brew recipe, make a full range of drinks with quality and speed, as well as understand the basic requirements for customer service and maintenance. 

Length of course: 2 Day Course + exam

Tuition Cost:  €300 

SCA certification fee pending completion

€100 (Members)

€180 (Non- Members)


Course is designed for Baristas that wish to progress further in their coffee career. This course takes both a scientific and a managerial perspective to coffee:

  • Origin, altitude, variety & process
  • Decaffeination
  • Roast influence, freshness & storage
  • Chemical composition
  • Grinding
  • Extraction, recipe calculation (EBF, ratios)
  • Temperature and pressure
  • Improving latte art
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Creating efficient workflow
  • Café cost calculation, accounting and financial management
  • Hygiene, and health and safety legislation and compliance.

To attend this course you must hold a Barista Intermediate certificate

Length of course: 3 Day Course + exam

Tuition Cost:  €500 

SCA certification fee pending completion

€180 (Members)

€270 (Non- Members)

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