Colombia - Los Alpes 250g



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Finca Los Alpes
1740 masl
 Los Farallones 
Natural / Carbonic Maceration
Cup Notes: 
Mango, Papaya, Strawberry, Brown Sugar, Juicy


Our latest Colombian juicy banger comes from the birthplace of Coffee in Colombia, Antioquia.  José Arboleda and Elvia Ramirez purchased their first farm in 1974 - Finca Los Alpes and it was the beginning of their entrepreneurial success story!   The farm is 90 hectares in size, the farm neighbours the Farallones mountains which separate Antioquia from the heavy rainforest of Choco, creating an exotic and favourable microclimate with 3,000 mm of rain.

This is far from a traditional natural Colombia.  After being picked, the cherries are separated into floatation tanks to ensure that overripe, unripe and defective cherries are removed. The fermentation process is split into two phases and leverages exclusively on the microbiological components (yeast and bacteria) that are naturally present in the coffee cherries.  First, the cherries are stored in a tank for about 16 hours and start fermenting.  Afterwards, the cherries are transferred to airtight containers where the carbonic maceration starts, carbon dioxide is injected regularly into the tank, and the oxygen is removed. The saturation in carbon dioxide provides an ideal environment for the development of lactic acid bacteria (they thrive in oxygen-free conditions). During the carbonic maceration, experts from Finca Los Alpes closely monitor the temperature, the Brix degree (sugar measurement), the pH, and the electrical conductivity of the cherries. This second phase of the fermentation lasts 72 hours. Once fermented, the cherries are dried in a temperature-controlled mechanical dryer fuelled with coffee husk before entering a stabilisation phase for up to two months. Through this closely monitored process, the coffee develops its flavours and aromas of ripe mango, papaya, and strawberry.



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