Burundi Gashoho (Lot 46) 250g


Roast: Filter
Region: Gashoho
Altitude: 1500- 1800 masl
Process: Natural
Cup Notes: Milky Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Mild Spices


In 2012, Jeanine Niyonzima founded JNP Coffee following a 20-year international management career that prepared her for her next business venture. Jeanine saw potential in the coffee produced in her home in Burundi but noticed that the farmers and their coffees were unknown. She saw an opportunity to promote these coffees to the global market and improve the lives of farmers and the Burundi people.

Since JNP’s establishment, Jeanine has set up several wash stations and has become well known for delivering award-winning specialty coffees. Her business model is driven by quality coffee, strong producer relationships and shared goals, while her working ethics promote gender equality, education and leadership skills. This has led her to be recognised as a role model for what a Burundian woman can achieve.

Lot 46 is located in the hills and mountains of Muyinga which offers a unique microclimate and combined with fertile soils results in perfect coffee growing conditions. The wash station is relatively new and has relieved farmers in the area from hours of walking to the nearest mill with picking and processing having to be completed on the same day. The wash station only offers natural processed coffee but hopes to expand to experimental processes in future harvests



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