Brazil Klem 250g


Roast: Espresso
Farm: Fazenda Klem
Altitude: 950 - 1300 masl
Process: Natural
Cup Notes: Cherry, Red ripe fruits, Dark chocolate, Caramel, Creamy

Fazenda Klem grows organic coffees among the hills of Matas de Minas, a mountainous region that perfectly matches climate, altitude, and soil for delivering outstanding cup profiles. After extensive studies into organic processing, soil protection and many other
variables, they have formulated a method using local materials to grow their coffee. Coffees are slowly matured, increasing the concentration of sugars and complex flavours in the cherries. The full estate is divided over several areas, all of which are farmed by the Klem family (five of the brothers are working in coffee) and several other families managing sections of the farm.  Klem farms are always focused on environmental
awareness, planting their crops in an ecologically correct manner, respecting native areas, and obtaining greater biological control, preserving springs, flora, and fauna.
Currently, the coffees produced at Klem Farms stand out among the best in Brazil.


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