Colombia Weimar Lasso Chiroso Bourbon 250g


Roast: Filter
Farm: El Mirador 
1700 - 1750 masl
Chiroso Bourbon
Washed Anaerobic
Cup Notes:
Red Apple, Lemongrass, Cherries and Lavender



Weimar Lasso was born in a coffee-growing family in San Adolfo. At a young age, he left the city to work on some of the best horse breeding farms in Colombia. Years later, after discovering his family was experiencing financial difficulty, he decided to move back to San Adolfo and help the family’s coffee business at El Mirador farm.

This microlot from El Mirador is 100% Chiroso Bourbon. Chiroso Bourbon is a natural mutation that took place in Urrao and is rarely seen outside the region. The varietal has become popular in Colombia for its complexity, florals, and citrus notes. It is characterised by an elongated cherry and rich productivity.

Bourbon Chiroso has only recently been distinguished as its own variety. Although it has been produced for several years, its amazing quality was only recognised first in 2012 after great results in the Cup of Excellence Competitions.

This coffee was processed using anaerobic fermentation. The processing begins with carefully hand-picked ripe cherries. They were then fermented in an anaerobic environment for 40 hours, after which they are pulped and gently washed. Lastly, they are sun-dried until the ideal moisture content was obtained


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