Colombia Finca Las Delicias 250g


Roast: Filter
Farm: Finca Las Delicias 
1740 masl
 Los Farallones 
Cup Notes:
Raspberry, Citrusy, Chocolate Ganache


Located in the municipality of Santa Maria, Finca Las Delicias’ accessibility is limited due to the steep mountains of northern Huila. At 2000 meters above sea level, the farm sits at a higher-than-average altitude for Colombian coffee farms. The temperatures, rich soils, and high-water retention capacity are elements that set this coffee apart from the crowd, delivering rich, fruity flavours.

Yesid Castañeda Marin owns and operates Las Delicias and through the years, he has developed methods of processing to accentuate the quality of his coffee. While the farm’s advantages are clear, Yesid also had to respond to disadvantages in his area including high precipitation levels and the risk of flooding. Yesid’s counteracted the effects with his processing methods.

The coffees at Finca Las Delicias are fermented for 60 hours before being transported to a parabolic dryer constructed from cement and wood and placed in polytunnels. Yesid states the polytunnel functions as a greenhouse allowing air to circulate internally as the sun shines down, all enhancing the process.

 The result is probably one of the most exceptional coffees in Colombia and a prime example of what good specialty coffee should taste like.


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