José Maria Fazenda Serrinha - Brazil 250g


Roast: Espresso
Farm: Fazenda Serringa
Altitude: 1000 - 1250 masl
Variety: Catuai
Process: Natural
Profile: Very balanced espresso with notes of nuts, caramel and creamy mouthfeel


Fazenda Serrinha is the very first farm of the Café Campos Altos family purchased by José Maria in 2004.   José Maria constructed the farm with his own hands almost 20 years ago. It is where he and his family reside. This farm is home to the drying patios, raised beds, wet mill, silos, orchards, gardens, and horse stables.

The farm grows a number of varieties of coffee including Red & Yellow Catuaí, Catiguá, Mundo Novo, Red & Yellow Bourbon, grown at an Altitude of 1200 Masl.

This naturally processed Catuai is a perfectly balanced espresso and releases nutty caramel flavours that leave a creamy mouth-feel after-taste.

The coffees produced on Jose Maria’s farms are Rain-forest Alliance Certified, and UTZ Certified, guaranteeing sustainable practices and social and economic benefits to the region of Cerrado Mineiro.


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