Espro French Press


Traditional French pressing elegance meets modern design in our P7 French Press. Made with durable stainless steel and our patented double micro-mesh filter technology, this press promises smoother, grit-free batches of coffee in just 4 minutes. And, because it's made with stainless steel, each press keeps coffee hotter for longer and looks good doing it. Bordering on a work of art, this press pairs well with any curated countertop aesthetic, coffee drinkers looking to get the most out of their brewers, and those seeking to seize the day.

Espro French press technology is engineered to work in perfect harmony to bring you smoother, grit-free coffee that’s delicious from the first drop to the last.  Patented double micro-mesh filters strain coffee grounds through filters that are 9-times and 12-times finer than typical French presses in order to prevent grit from entering your coffee.

  • 550ml (4cup)


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