Monteverde 180g

Origin:  Colombia
Farm: Monteverde
Farmer: Newerley Gutiérrez Falla
Variety:  Gesha
Process: Washed
Location: Tolima
Altitude: 1.850 - 2.100 Masl
Cup Notes: Floral, Bergamot Nectarine

Spanning over 5 generations, the Gutiérrez family proudly runs Monteverde farm which is located in Tolima - in the centre-west of Colombia. The tight-knit family has cultivated coffee for over 80 years on their 14-hectare farm. In addition to the coffee being their main source of income, they also produce an array of colourful fruits such as limes, tangerines, and avocados which they sell locally. The family are passionate about clean farming practices and refuses to use herbicides, insecticides, or fertilisers as they work toward their ambitions to achieve organic certification. When it comes to coffee, they focus on Yellow Bourbon, Gesha, Wush Wush, and Java varieties, which they offer in washed, honey, and natural processes. With three professional cuppers in the family, it is no question that only the highest quality coffee leaves Monteverde Farm. For this Gesha, cherries at their optimum maturity are selected and oxidised-fermented for 48 hours before being de-pulped, washed, and fermented for a further 24 hours. The fermentation technique used was passed down from Yemeni coffee growers and dates back to ancient times. The coffee is then dried in a marquee for 12 to 18 days and then mechanically dried to the desirable 11% humidity. Bell Lane is delighted to pair up with producers who share the same passion for outstanding coffee. Head Roaster Niko, fast-roasted this Gesha, keeping the development time short to capture all the delicate floral aromas and citrus acidity notable in this ‘pretty’ coffee.  


Please Note

*** This is a special roast item and will be roasted by our Head Roaster Niko, any additional items purchased will be held and the completed order will be despatched ***





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