la morena


We are excited to announce the return of a coffee we all enjoyed last year from producer La Morena in Guatemala.  

This coffee featured as a seasonal single origin in our Moondust Espresso and proved to be very popular!

We celebrate the independence and education that the La Morena program gives to female farmers across Guatemala and are proud to continue our relationship again into 2023. 

To emphasize the importance of this relationship, we have decided to lead with the name of the producer on our coffee bags so we can put the focus on this fantastic program and show our support for these independent female farmers. 

This coffee still reflects the decadent flavours of Moondust, with tasting notes of Brown Sugar, Brownies & Green Apple.

Thank you for your continued support and helping us to support our coffee growing communities.

Although we recommend this for espresso brewing, we find this perfectly suitable for filter brewing for anyone who loves a more traditional cup profile with plenty of body texture and sweetness. 


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