jose alarcon coronel


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San Jose Del Alto
La Palestina
1750-1870 masl

notes of black tea, caramel and strawberry  


Jose Alarcon Coronel is part of the OCL (Origin Coffee Lab), founded by Jose Rivera in 2007 in Cajamanca, northern Peru, with the goal of providing farmers with a stable income.

OCL's mission is to impact the lives of small shareholders through the Solidario project. In this program, they teach both financial and agricultural techniques to enable lasting change. The progressive Solidario model aims to improve farm practices and make coffee farming a sustainable future for the community.  They deliver both economic and agricultural modelling to the farmers to provide a springboard for success. These curriculums are designed to encourage cup quality while also making coffee farming a consistently profitable practice.

With their focus on improving the quality of the lives of coffee producers, OCL has won over 360 farmers today. Without Jose founding OCL and his commitment, no one would have thought to cup coffee from this region.

 "I’m sure there are many more things I can do, but for now, I’m glad and proud to see how much Peru’s specialty coffee market has changed.



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