jhonatan & jhoan gasca


ideal for: filter

1700 masl

notes of floral, orange and cacao

Coffee cherries are picked at full ripeness, floated in tanks, and washed. An oxidation process of 24 hours is then carried out in bags, with a subsequent floating in water to regulate their temperature. Afterwards, the cherries are then de-pulped and then fermented in plastic bags for 24 hours, followed by an additional 60 hour fermentation period. Fermentation ends with a thermal shock at 50ºC. The cherries are allowed to dry, naturally for two weeks. After which they are sealed in plastic bags and allowed to rest for two to three weeks.

The Gasca Brothers and their families own and run Zarza Farm in Buselas, Huila. With a rich heritage as fourth-generation coffee producers, they have not only inherited valuable skills from their parents but also pursued additional education to enhance their expertise.



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