enrique lopez- valentina


ideal for: filter

1550 - 1700 masl
pulped honey, fermented 

notes of cherry, nectarine and honey 

Finca Chelín coffees are renowned for their exceptional quality and variety, setting them apart from typical association offerings. With a focus on experimental fermentation methods, Enrique is a leading figure in Oaxaca's coffee scene, providing training and connections for producers like Esther Escamila. He aims to elevate Oaxacan coffee to premium status, employing unique honey processing techniques that enhance flavour through fermentation. Each Chelín lot represents a distinct varietal, promising a diverse selection of exceptional coffees.

The story of Valentina is an interesting one. The original seed is one that Thomas (owner of Red Beetle, our export partners) brought me back from a farm in Guatemala. After some investigation, it seems to be a mutation or cross of a Pacamara with another Arabica variety. The process honey despulpado fermentado (fermented pulped honey), the cherries are rested in carbonic maceration for 72 hours, at night they are pulped, the next morning they are lightly rinsed with clean water to eliminate the degraded mucilage and are taken to begin their traditional drying, 2 to 3 days in direct sunlight and then they are taken to a patio with 50% shade mesh for another 25 days approximately.



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